Friday, March 21, 2008

decluttering my life

since the boy and i moved into our new place on the 1st of january, we've been trying to make an effort not to live in a big pile of mess. it doesn't work completely, but the dishwasher helps quite a bit!
it's a neverending project to live a minimalist life, and i might as well face it; i won't ever be the type of person who lives like that. i might be scandinavian all the way through, but i'm also a big fan of piles of gorgeous books, huge cozy sofas and chairs, old funiture that bears signs of a life before my apartment. i have a few pieces of furniture that i've had for years, and both of them are dressers, old and all that is left from when i lived with my mom. i threw away most of what i owned, when the boy and i moved in together; i was so much in love, and needed nothing but the company of the person i was in love with. i'm still very much in love, and though it was risky to throw away all of my possesions, it worked.

but somehow, the problem is not exactly getting nice furniture, that's the problem. it's getting the room for the furniture. and even though we have a nice, big apartment, it's just not working out. we have too much crap, and too little storage room. i own several decorating books, and all of these perfectly furnished places leave me with only one question; where's all the clutter. we all have it. we all own stuff that we don't really need, but cant bear to part with. where do these decorating gods leave theirs? i don't get it. i want to have a nice place, but i don't want to part with my beloved crap.

but i am gonna do it. i am gonna try to part with the stuff i REALLY don't need.
i am gonna try to make this place work, by decluttering it, and making it easier to clean.
i am gonna do my best to make this place a place that i am proud to live, make it reflect me and my taste.
i am gonna spend the time (and money) that it takes.

i will let you join me on the journey, and byy doing this, hoping to inspire others to make their homes a place that reflects them.

wish me good luck. i think i'm gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

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Selina. said...

I totally agree about the uncluttered pictures of books and magazines it makes me so fustrated especially as i sit in my not so small room surrounded by tons and tons of stuff that just has no place to go except my floor or my desk :/