Thursday, January 25, 2007


The sushi

The salad

The dips

The plate

The table
-Then I think we've got it all covered:)
well, i made three kinds of sushi - a big one, with cucumber, avokado and some red salad.
- a small one, with bobby beans and sesame seeds
-another small one, with cucumber, salad and red salad.
it was nice, simple and easy to make.
Then I made a salad from steamed bobby beans and fresh mango, with some sesame, and a salad from the leftover sushi fillings. - no need to waste all that goodness.
I served it with four different kind of dips:
-soy sauce
-sau sauce with orange juice and ginger
-sweet chili sauce (for the salad)
and then of course some sushi gari, which basically, is just pickled ginger.
it was an amazingly easy and healthy way to end the week, and is really easy to make.
it can be somewhat exepensive, if you have to go out and buy all of the supplys at once - the gari, the bamboo rolling mat, the chopsticks, the rice vinegar, the nori sheets and the rice. not to forget the fillings! but I had most of it here, only needed some veggies.
by the way, right now i'm knitting a scarf with some chopsticks. it's turning out really nice. will post a picture, once it's done..


Roxy said...

Your sushi looks great, as does the salad. I love sushi! My favouritei is with avocado, cucumber and shredded carrot. I've also had it with mushroom and lettuce before too.

Ditte said...

i'm glad you like how it looks. i hope to someday master the art of making perfect sushi. it's kind of cool to be able to invite everyone to a sushi party:)

B.A.D. said...

Your sushi looks awesome! As does the salad (which is saying alot as i'm a known salad hater).

The whole table looks great!

chengwa said...

wow, it all looks so elegant!

agata said...

Hej there,
you wrote somewhere on a forum that denmark is the country of tartex, which comes in a lot of different varieties.
now my only question is: HVOR???
I can't find it in any regular supermarket here in aarhus..where should i look? hjelp mig:)